Permanent Exhibition in Buenos Aires


After a very successful three-year cycle of exhibitions "Nikola Tesla, the inventor of the 21st century", organized by Telefonika and seen by half a million people in a dozen cities and provinces of Argentina, part of the exhibits was donated to the Embassy of R. Serbia, as a partner in organizing and promoting the exhibitions mentioned.

As these are very valuable exhibits for which there is still great interest from the audience, and above all young scientists, it is concluded that it is very important that these exhibits be made available to the public.

In this sense, in collaboration with the Nikola Tesla Museum, panels were created that are called "Energy for the Future: Nikola Tesla and the Development of Hydropower", which are set up in the same environment as the exhibits, and this space is symbiotically named " Nikola Tesla Salon ".

This exhibition opened on Monday, November 4th, in the presence of a large number of ambassadors (about 20), senior MFA officials from Argentina, the Government of Buenos Aires and the national parliament, as well as the most prominent representatives of the Serbian diaspora.