Nikola Tesla Museum Exhibition in Paraguay


From 29.10. to 02.11. this year a project was implemented on the cooperation of the Itaipu system, the Nikola Tesla Museum and the Embassy R. Serbia in Buenos Aires, who was staging the exhibition "Energy for the Future: Nikola Tesla and the Development of Hydropower" at the Itaipu Museum, in the city of Ciudad Del Este.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by a large number of scientists and cultural workers of this city, as well as the highest representatives of the municipality and a large number of young researchers. This setting marked the anniversary of the hydroelectric power plant that produces the most electricity in the world (100,000 M \ L / hr per year).

At the same time, two conferences were organized at the Universities of Siudad del Este and Asuncion, entitled "Tesla, Spirit, Work and Visions", held by Dr. Branimir Jovanovic.

We consider this project a very important step in establishing cooperation between the two countries, and above all in introducing Paraguayan scholars and cultural circles to the life, work and origins of Nikola Tesla.

We also believe that this first step in cooperation will only be the beginning of new projects with the various cultural and scientific institutions of Paraguay, which on this occasion have repeatedly expressed a principled interest. (I. Arsenić)