Nikola Tesla – Man from the future


The exhibition of Nikola Tesla Museum „Nikola Tesla – Man from the future“ was opened on October 3rd in Milan. The exhibition was realized in cooperation with Venice Exhibition from Venice and Bulb Creation from Belgrade. With 1200 square meters space and number of exhibits, this is one of the largest exhibition of the Nikola Tesla Museum and, at the same time, the first exhibition of this museum in Italy.

Chronological dividing of the exhibition into segments that represent different periods of life of the great scientist, like childhood, Budapest, arrival in America and building of Niagara Power Plant, laboratory in Colorado Springs, Wardenclyffe Tower in Long Island, Newyorker hotel room, etc, guide visitors through most important moments of his life.

Exhibition „Nikola Tesla – Man from the future“ is followed with catalog in Italian language. Exhibition will be open until end of March 2020. Authors of the exhibition are Vladimir Perić, Bojan Stevanic, Branimir Jovanovic, PhD and Ivona Jevtic.