Birthday in the XV Museum Night


On May 19th , starting at 5 p.m., within the manifestation – 15th „Museum Night“ the Nikola Tesla Museum is organizing exhibit dedicated to Nikola Tesla’s 75th birthday. This year visitors will have the opportunity to find out more about the very jewel of the celebration of life jubilee of our eminent scientist – a greeting-card by Kenneth Sweezy. This young journalist came up with a brilliant idea of creating one-of-a-kind greeting-card (in form of scrapbook) for Tesla. For this purpose, he contacted many Tesla’s friends – prominent European and American scientists, artists, journalists, politicians, inventors, Tesla’s close friends, followers and students, admireres, which resulted in a unique scrapbook containing 75 greeting-cards! Unfortunately, this gift has „only“ 73 cards today, nevertheless, its value has not decreased. This scrapbook is considered as one of the greatest unofficial recognitions to Tesla and his work.