Greetings Buffalo


On Saturday, April 22nd, at the Museum of History of Science in Buffalo, presbyter and author Oliver Subotić held a lecture The Spiritual Character of Nikola Tesla about the little-known spiritual side of Tesla's personality. The event, which sparked the audience's attention, was inspired by the revealing of the model of the new statue of Nikola Tesla, in the center of the city Tesla first illuminated with the alternating current, back in 1896. Moreover, a new park at the Buffalo center, dedicated to Nikola Tesla is planned to be opened. Director of the Museum of Nikola Tesla, Dr. Branimir Jovanovic, greeted the participants at the conference through the live stream app. With a fascinating story about Tesla's understanding of life, the audience in Buffalo had a unique opportunity to see the film produced by the Museum of Nikola Tesla from Belgrade.

Conference in Buffalo, was followed by series of lectures given by presbyter Subotić, in Boston and New York, among others, on April 28th and April 29th. His new book in English in which he talks about the spiritual side of Tesla’s character will no doubt be a great opportunity to discover Tesla’s personality from a new point of view.