Exhibition of the Nikola Tesla Museum in Priboj

ImageThe Nikola Tesla Museum, in cooperation with the Priboj Native Museum, organizes the exhibition "Nikola Tesla in his and our time". The visuals shown on the panels represent the story of the life and work of one of the greatest scientists, with special reference to his origin and family. The work of Nikola Tesla, which can be divided into three segments (induction motors and polyphase system, high frequency currents, mechanical engineering), is accompanied by working models showing some of Tesla's most important inventions such as the induction motor with a disk-shaped rotor, the "Columbus egg" , Tesla transformer and Tesla pump. The display is complemented by models of some of Tesla's most important projects, such as the hydroelectric plant at Niagara Falls, the laboratory in Colorado Springs, and the famous tower on Long Island. Visitors will be able to watch an author's film about the life of the famous scientist. The exhibition will be staged in the Priboj Native Museum from April 11 to May 9, 2023. The authors of the exhibition are Branimir Jovanović, Milica Kesler, Ivana Zorić and Ivana Nedeljković.