Exhibition of the Nikola Tesla Museum in Cyprus

Exhibition „Nikola Tesla – Man from the future“, will be held from 1st of March until 19th of April 2019, in Cyprus National Fair in Nicosia.



The Nikola Tesla Museum Exhibition in Japan

On Saturday, January 26, 2019, Nikola Tesla Museum exhibition was opened in the Japanese city Hofu.



Opening hours during the forthcoming holidays

Opening hours for visitors during the forthcoming holidays



Download our Android app

The Nikola Tesla Museum android application is now available on Google Play Store. You can download it via link: Google Play - Nikola Tesla Museum app



Tesla – Man from the future

On September 29th , 2018, the exhibition of Nikola Tesla Museum was opened in Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. This significant institution is hosting exhibition „Tesla – Man from the future“, which shows life and work of Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest minds to the Chinese audience.



Night of Researchers with Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla Museum joined the manifestation "Night of Researchers". In the framework of this event, on September 14th, in the Eighth Belgrade Gymnasium, a lecture "Nikola Tesla - epochal inventions" was held and the application for virtual reality were presented to the pupils and their teachers.



Experience Championship, Experience Tesla

The Nikola Tesla Museum presented the application and device for VR in Usce on July 11 and 12, as one of the participants of the manifestation "Support Serbia! Experience Championship! ". Event visitors had the opportunity to virtually visit two Tesla labs, one in Colorado Springs and the other in the famous tower at Long Island and the chance to saw from the "Tesla Corner" how they looked.



Humanitarian Visits to Kids

Within celebration of Tesla's birthday, Nikola Tesla Museum participated in realization of humanitarian action with Global Sun Foundation and NURDOR association. Within the action, on the 9th of July we visited kids on Children's oncology department and NURDOR parental house in Nis, and on the 10th of July we visited parental house and oncology department of University children's hospital Tirsova in Belgrade.



„On the Traces of Tesla” with „Tesla” cars

On Sunday June 17, members of tour on board „On the Traces of Tesla” visited Nikola Tesla Museum. They came from Italy with two vehicles "Tesla" to pay a tribute to the living memory of the great scientist Nikola Tesla. On this occasion a formal reception of the guests was organized.



Leaving the NOESIS center in Thessaloniki

After almost eight months, our successful exhibition at NOESIS center in Thessaloniki is closing on May 30th . Closing Event for The Nikola Tesla Museum’s grand exhibition will be marked by a series of interesting lectures on the little-known aspects of Tesla’s personality.



Birthday in the XV Museum Night

On May 19th , starting at 5 p.m., within the manifestation – 15th „Museum Night“ the Nikola Tesla Museum is organizing exhibit dedicated to Nikola Tesla’s 75th birthday. This year visitors will have the opportunity to find out more about the very jewel of the celebration of life jubilee of our eminent scientist – a greeting-card by Kenneth Sweezy.



Conference "Digital Day"

During the conference "Digital Day" at Yugoslav Drama Theatre held on May 9, the Nikola Tesla Museum presented a virtual reality device. By using this device visitors were able to virtually visit Tesla Laboratories. A virtual reality device can be used in Serbian and English every Monday at the Nikola Tesla Museum. It is necessary to schedule a visit.



Greetings Buffalo

On Saturday, April 22nd, at the Museum of History of Science in Buffalo, presbyter and author Oliver Subotić held a lecture The Spiritual Character of Nikola Tesla about the little-known spiritual side of Tesla's personality.



The Nikola Tesla Museum takes part in the BRISMIS Conference

BRISMIS, the first International Symposium on the Development of Natural Science Museums under the Belt and Road Initiative, was held in Beijing and Shanghai from November 27th to 30th, 2017.