Mechanical Engineering

The collection of mechanical engineering items, catalog no. T:23, includes 122 individual exhibits from the following fields: turbine mechanics, speed measurement, distance measurement, temperature measurement, measuring tools, instruments for technical drawing and writing, mechanical assemblies and elements etc.

The largest group of items are springs (cylindrical, coil, spiral and strip springs, samples of wire for springs and boxes for springs, a total of 43 exhibits), mechanical equipment and tools (20 items), as well as instruments for technical drawing and writing (drawing board, T-squares, set squares, compass, dividers and pens, a total of 13 items).


Some of the original items, such as springs, screws and machined elements, are preserved in two or more examples, identical in dimensions and materials.Among the items in Tesla’s legacy, six stand out for their importance. They are a prototype of the Tesla pump, and five speedometers whose operating principle and construction were protected by patent no. 1,209,359, “Speedometer”, from 1916.